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New functionality added to help you find the right oil for you Car or Light commercial Vehicle

Welcome to the Updated oiltype.co.!

Thank you for visiting oiltype.co. We hope you will find our website and database useful.

We would like to highlight new updates and resources added based on user feedback to Oiltype.co.

These new resources and updates should help you find the right oil information for your vehicle and make your oil change as easy as possible.

  1. We have started adding links to useful and informative vehicle specific videos relevant to changing the oil in your car or light commercial vehicle. These will appear under the model and the model year section of each manufacturer. Please be patient since each video posted is vetted and the content producer is informed. 
  2. We will also regularly post other relevant videos or articles about motor vehicle fluid and oil or general automotive maintenance that will be informative for users.
  3. We will also keep you posted on new vehicles being added to oiltype.co and when new videos have been added as well as interesting statistics about what are the most searched vehicles on oiltype.co.
  4. These videos and posting will be archived and searchable for later use.  

We aim to make oiltype.co. the one stop shop for everything you need to know to change the oil in your car or light commercial vehicle. Watch this space for new postings!

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of oiltype.co. All feedback both positive or negative is constructive and we would love to get some feedback from you on the quality of data, website performance or improvements that should be made. 

All feedback is constructive, please keep it polite. However both positive or negative feedback can be sent here: https://oiltype.co/contact-us/

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The Oiltype.co team

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