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You can find 11 different trims for the Chevrolet HHR and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 2006 through to 2011 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

The HHR first hit the markets in 2005 during what can only be seen as an attempt to popularize retro-styled cars by Chrysler group. The model’s name stands for Heritage High Roof, hinting at its high-roof wagon layout.

To very little surprise, the model saw only a single generation before its discontinuation just six years after its release. This was the clear result of its very hit-or-miss styling, a common failure of the model and its corporate counterparts.

The HHR sat in a very unique class, meaning it had few rivals. However, it was a joint effort under Chrysler to try to start the trend of retro vehicles. This meant the HHR was accompanied by the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Dodge Caliber, which was the model’s main competition.

Trim options did change slightly with each yearly change, but the gist of these four trim levels were the base LS, LT, 2LT, and finally the SS.

While there is an HHR SS, it should not be confused with the vastly different Chevy SSR, which was a retro-styled roadster.

The 5-door wagon was driven by a number of Ecotec petrol engines. These 4-cylinder engines consisted of a 2.0 L, 2.2 L, and a 2.4 L option. The smallest of these was turbocharged and found exclusively in the HHR SS version.

Engines were mated with the choice of a single 4-speed automatic or one of two 5-speed manual transmissions.

All of this was built on top of the GM Delta platform, which allowed for front-wheel drive with the engine up front.

Its discontinuation saw the model replaced by the Chevy Captiva Sport.