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You can find 83 different trims for the Volkswagen Golf and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 1994 through to 2024 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

The hugely popular Volkswagen Golf is a compact car that has been on sale since 1974 all around the world.

It has gone by such names as the Rabbit in some regions such as North America and the Caribe in Mexico.

Its success has led to many offshoot models by the company and a lot of the range on offer from Volkswagen are built on the same platform including the Passat.

Now in its 8th generation of design, the Golf can be bought as a 3/5 door hatchback, a saloon, an estate or even as a convertible.

Originally the Golf was brought in to replace the Beetle - a big task as it was the number one best-selling car of all time at that point.

Eventually, the Beetle was brought back and the German carmaker capitalized on customers' nostalgia though underneath was the same platform used in the Golf.

It was vastly different from the rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive Beetle as it incorporates a more modern layout that saw the engine in the front powering the front wheels.

Many performance trims have come from the Golf over the years such as the GTI, GTE and the V6 powered VR6.

This car was famous for kicking off the hot-hatch revolution with its GTI trim - offering sports-car-like performance for a much smaller price tag.

Modern Golf's make use of hybrid technology to capture lost energy during braking and recycle it during acceleration.