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Ford E-Series (incl. Wagon)

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You can find 88 different trims for the Ford E-Series (incl. Wagon) and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 2001 through to 2024 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

The Ford E-Series, also known as the Ford Econoline and the Ford Club Wagon, is a series of full-size commercial vans that first made their debut all the way back in 1961.

There have been a total of four generations since the initial release. The latest version came in 1992 and Ford has not released a new model since then.

Like the Ford F-Series pickup trucks, the E-Series has offered various models ranging from the smallest E-150 up to the E-550 Super Duty. This has changed in recent years, as the newer generations are offered only in the E-350 and E-450 models.

The model has consisted of various options to allow for various commercial applications. The most notable of these options have included a 2-door chassis cab, a 4-door panel van, and a 6-door and 8-door van.

The latest models are only sold as single and rear-wheel cutaway chassis cabs currently. This was likely done as a response to the more popular Ford Transit series, which represents the better-selling van model from the manufacturer.

Competition has obviously come from main Ford rival offerings in the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana.

Trim levels for the E-Series have been limited to only a single trim option in recent years. This is one of the biggest differences from the F-Series line, which has several extensive trim options. This is a testament to the E-Series’ commercial nature.

The newest generation is offered only the choice of a single 7.3 L V8 engine. These are sold with either Premium-Rated or Economy-Rated settings to allow specific tuning, based on customer need.

These powertrains have been mated with a 6-speed Torqshift automatic gearbox.

Older versions were outfitted with similarly large engines ranging from a 4.9 L OHV inline-6 up to the current engine option.