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Kia Niro

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You can find 17 different trims for the Kia Niro and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 2016 through to 2024 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

The Niro is the compact offering from Hyundai’s divisional company Kia, a company that has enjoyed huge success over the last few decades. Where it isn’t as well known as the Toyota Prius, it certainly holds its own.

Entering the market in 2016, Kia brought out three models designed to appeal to a wide range of customers; Niro Hybrid, Plug-in hybrid and the all-electric Niro EV. Kia has been praised for the little car's design making it stand out from the crowd in an arguably overpopulated class.

Part of its noticeability can be attributed to its two-tone paintwork leading to critics calling it ‘bold and beautiful.’ The designers have taken care to maximize airflow and aerodynamics on this model reducing wind resistance and noise.

Another aesthetically pleasing aspect of this vehicle is the wheels. You’d be forgiven for thinking that these wheels belong on a larger more premium car, but with their five-petal design they really do complete the look on this stand out.

The interior is fully smart with satellite navigation, traffic data, parking assistance, weather updates and voice command. Some people have described it as driving an iPhone, even the climate controls are voice-activated. Following 5 years of successful sales, Kia decided to bring out the 2nd generation in November 2021.

One of the most interesting facts about this car is that it actually features in the Guinness Book of Records. After rigorous tests, the Guinness book of records awarded it ‘lowest fuel consumption’ producing just 76.6 mpg. The previous title holder was another Kia, the ‘optima hybrid’ back in 2011 (64.55 mpg). The platform for this car has been directly lifted from the Hyundai Ioniq and it uses dual-clutch transmission instead of the more classic continuously variable transmission.