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You can find 58 different trims for the Fiat Punto and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 1993 through to 2019 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

Classed as a supermini, the Italian car manufacturer Fiat began production of the Punto in 1993.

Spanning 25 years, the Punto replaced the aging Uno and went on to win European car of the year in 1995 beating the incredibly popular and practical Volkswagen Polo.

A number of engines were available, a 1.1-liter and 1.2-liter petrol with a 1.7-liter diesel. A special sports variant was sold with a 1.8-liter engine capable of producing 88 bhp.

Fiat also sold the Punto as a convertible, although less common and all models were built and assembled at their Bertone factory, rather than the main Fiat center.

With the electric-powered canvas retractable hood, the Punto became one of the cheapest convertibles on the market at the time.

Two trim levels could be purchased, ELX and SX and between 1994 and 1999, Fiat sold 55,000.

For the European market, Fiat faced competition from cars like the Kia Rio, Dacia Sandero, Mini One and the SEAT Toledo.

A second generation began production under the project number 188 and new models were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show. These new cars were the first to revive the vintage rounded Fiat logo that went on later to be used on the Fiat 500. Power steering came along at the same time as the 2003 facelift which marked the 5 millionth Punto to be sold.

Fiat made changes to the line, the original Fiat Punto became the Punto classic, with an all-new larger model badged the Grand Punto. The trim options were expanded to include S, SX, ELX and HLX.

Fiat released a small panel van version of the Punto which had a 1.2-liter 8 valve petrol engine also available as a 1.3-liter diesel.