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You can find 8 different trims for the Honda Passport and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 1993 through to 2024 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

The original Honda Passport name goes back to a rebadged Rodeo SUV sold by the company in the 1990s that they acquired from Isuzu.

It had meager sales of around 25,000 units per year and caught the end of the era of big sales for heavier mid-size SUVs like this and the Jeep Wrangler.

In 2002 the original Passport was discontinued and the nameplate put to rest until it was revived in 2018 for an all-new mid-size crossover SUV.

This new third-generation model is built on the same platform used by SUV's and cars from the same Japanese automobile manufacturer such as:

The Acura model is a luxury version of this car with many of the optional features as standard and the styling being slightly more sporty.

Customers can opt for a four-wheel-drive chassis during the time of purchase but they are limited to only one engine and transmission: a 3.5 liter gasoline V6 mated to a 9 speed automatic.

The level of features is adjustable by selecting different trims when ordering the car new, with a touchscreen infotainment center and satellite radio included in most of them.

In 2021 the Passport was updated to include an audio system with a subwoofer along with mobile device connectivity for Apple and Android devices.