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You can find 65 different trims for the BMW X5 and their corresponding recommended oil type.

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Sat on the 5-Series platform but with a much taller profile is the mid-size luxury crossover SUV the BMW X5, released in 1999.

It shares many of the same mechanical parts as its car-based sibling but boasts more interior room.

Compared to a full off-road capable car like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class the X5 has lower running costs and focuses on what many of its buyers want it to do - stay on the road.

Buyers can opt for a front-wheel-drive version of the car or a four-wheel-drive version if they want to take it slightly off-road.

In tests done by motoring publication Top Gear, it performed badly off-road in comparison to a Range Rover - a vehicle actually built for that sort of use.

A smaller version of the X5 was released several years after BMW saw the success of the line called the X3.

This smaller version used the companies flagship sedan the 3-Series as its platform to build it upon.

To date, the X5 has sold over 2 million units worldwide and continues to grow in sales decade after decade as buyers' tastes turn towards crossover SUVs.