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You can find 85 different trims for the Ford Mondeo and their corresponding recommended oil type.

The years available stretch from 1993 through to 2024 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand.

For the UK market, there are fewer Fords more iconic or recognizable than the Mondeo.

Quintessentially a large family car selling onwards from 1993, the Mondeo was Ford's first world car designed to combine a number of their previous vehicles' attributes and sell globally.

Previously Ford had been famous for manufacturing such cars as the Fiesta, Orion, Cortina, Sierra, Capri and the Granada, and now built the Mondeo off a number of platforms, initially the CDW27, then the EUCD and finally the CD4 (the latter is also used for the Ford Fusion, Ford Edge, Ford Taurus, Lincoln Continental and the Lincoln MKZ).

From 2000, Ford increased the size of the vehicle but kept the design similar. Upgrading the interior to include better quality materials, Ford began to make changes to the chassis here, the aim was to move away from the typical American boxy, angular aesthetic and make a move towards a more German style so as to compete with the more premium automakers.

The second generation of Mondeos was sold as either a saloon, liftback or estate. By 2006, Ford was sharing the platform with Volvo and upon doing so reintroduced the Mondeo to the Australian market after taking a 6-year leave.

This decision was made after market research showed the growing popularity in medium-sized family cars. New technology was installed in these newer models, including an EcoBoost engine and LED daytime-running lights.

In 2012, Ford moved onto the fourth generation of Mondeos, showcasing the first at the Northern American International Auto Show in Detroit (changing the name to Fusion for the American market). Where it was similar to its predecessor stylistically, the engines changed to become available in either 5 or 6-cylinder configurations.

In 2022, Ford discontinued the Mondeo in most countries except for China, where these types of vehicles remain popular. They are now manufactured at the Valencia Plant in Spain and the end of the popular Mondeo for most countries reflects people's buying habits of moving more towards larger crossovers and SUVs.